Be a Friend of Girl Child

Girls Count is a coalition of more than 400 organisations and individuals from 29 states of the country who have pledged to “Be a Friend of Girl Child” and take a stand against gender-biased sex selection. Girls Count members include civil society representatives, academicians, lawyers, human rights activists, doctors, gender experts, media professionals and those working in diverse areas of development, including addressing issues of poverty, inequality and injustice.

Members Charter

Girls Count is a coalition challenging the patriarchal norms and values existing in our society. It is an undertaking to put an end to gender-biased sex selection. We believe that challenging patriarchy and stopping sex selection should be the concern of one and all in the society. Hence we invite you to be a part of this rising movement against declining child sex ratio. Membership at Girls Count is absolutely free of cost, but the member should be:

  • Willing to stand by Girls Count principles.
  • Willing to stand by Girls Count non-negotiables on work related to gender-biased sex selection and declining child sex ratio.

By registering as a member of Girls Count you agree to:

  • Allow Girls Count to display your logo on its website.
  • Notify Girls Count about the activities and events organised by you, which could be uploaded on Girls Count website.
  • Share publications, resources and communication materials on gender and related issues with Girls Count to be uploaded on its website.
  • Receive regular updates, information and newsletters through emails.

Please fill in the form below. Each application will be thoroughly reviewed and you will be informed via email once the membership is accepted by Girls Count.

Membership Form

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